Cooking Elk Venison

Grilling Steaks

• Thaw steaks completely.

• Marinate with clear salad dressing if desired.

• Grill on low heat.

• Cook until just done.

• Serve immediately

    Cooking tips

Because Elk Venison is so low in fat, chefs should handle it tenderly as one would cook skinless chicken breasts.  Do not cook on high heat or until dry.

Broiling Elk Steak or Chops

Elk Steaks should be evenly thawed, with no ice remaining in the meat.
Marinating in clear salad dressing for 12 to 24 hours is recommended.
Pre-heat oven and grill before adding steaks.  
Top of steak should be at least 3 inches or more from heating element.
Use lowest broiling temperature for your equipment.
Door of broiler should be partly open.
Watch carefully.  When first side is browned, turn and broil until just brown on second side.  Check steak to see if desired doneness has been reached.  
Do not recommend cooking steaks to well done.

Recipes for broiling any meat are imprecise because of varying broiler temperatures, thickness of cuts, distances from flames, etc.  Consider treating the elk venison steak with the same care that you would on a skinless chicken breast using your equipment.
1.  Marinate
2.  Moisture
3.  Low Heat
4.  Enjoy

Any meat from the deer family (Cervidae: deer, elk, antelope or moose) is called venison. There are many recipes on the Internet for cooking with venison.   Recipes appropriate for deer venison, work as well for elk venison.

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